1. Exciting New Covers Revealed For Penguin US Editions

    By Evan Willnow on 2002-07-13

    Our own John Cox (aka zencat) has reported in to tell us that Barnes And Noble has revealed the first three covers of the U.S. editions of Penguin Books re-release of the classic Fleming novels. In John's words, "I'm blown away! The original cover art very much evokes the old pulp covers and somehow I think this is just…classic!" We must say that we agree whole-heartedly with John. It appears these covers will grace the fronts of trade paper-back editions, if the price is any indictation.

    Here are the covers.

    All titles are availible from

    It seems Penguin will be releasing these books in groups of three. And while there is no word yet to what the schedule of the releases will be, we eagerly look forward to the day the next batch is revealed.

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