1. Films Final Scenes Had To Be Re-Shot…

    By David Winter on 2002-07-13

    British tabloid The Sun, has today written a report detailing the filming of the closing scenes of Die Another Day. The final shots had to be done again after farmer; Emyr Brown, who had been catering for the film crew all week, drove his tractor in the backround of some of the shots.

    The paper went onto mention that the producers had created a Japanease beach, complete with an oriental beach-hut. It is more than likely that the reporter; John Coles confused Japan with Korea, where Eon Productions have all ready stated the film will end.

    The shot was taken from a helicopter Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) which was to film the crash of another helicopter. Minders for the cast and crew were also on hand during their week of shooting to keep star-spotters and the press well-away from the shoot and risk comprimising the ending.

    One local made the joke; :“I don’t know if Emyr keeps any pigs, but he’s got a licence to swill now.”

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