1. Raven Bond game using Unreal Engine 3?

    By Kevin Wells on 2011-02-09

    We’ve known for quite awhile that Raven Software was at one point developing a “stealth-centric” James Bond game. The game was put on hold so that Raven could focus on the Call of Duty brand after Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward imploded last year. After MGM emerged from bankruptcy the greenlight for the next Bond game (assumed to be this one) was said to have been given. According to a new report from Eurogamer, Raven’s Bond game had been in development for 20 months. This isn’t a huge surprise considering the amount of work that was shown in the leaked footage from an animator’s demo reel.

    It should be noted that Eurogamer picked up that tidbit from a resume of a Raven Software employee on their LinkedIn account. No where in the CV does it actually mention “James Bond”, rather the game in question is referred to as an “international movie licence”. The resume also says the licence will be using Unreal Engine 3. Although the engine was born out of the first-person genre, it can and has been used with several different other genres. Of note, the engine powered such high profile games as Mass Effect, Gears of War, Batman: Arkham Asylum, BioShock, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine among many others.

    The CV specifically says this employee was:

    “Involved at highest levels of game design for an unreleased high-profile movie-license action/adventure game using the Unreal 3 engine. Duties include directing a full team of people from different disciplines to design and implement various aspects of the core game as well as specific levels and events in the game. Personal experience scripting and responsible for directing in-game cutscenes as well as implementing some of them”.

    Could be their James Bond game or it could be a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine (or another X-Men game) because to be fair that’s also an “international movie licence”, would likely use Unreal Engine 3 like its predecessor, and was developed by Raven Software too. Of course it’s probably Bond, the previously leaked footage looked like the Unreal engine to me.

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