1. 'Die Another Day' Novelisation For Sale Across The Net

    By daniel on 2002-07-11

    Zencat has been doing some homework on the Die Another Day novelisation and has come up with some places to pre-order and some interesting release dates: has now listed both the UK hardcover and the UK paperback up for pre-order. The hardcover is selling at £18.99 and the paperback at £5.59. The latter already has a 20% discount, so it could be a good idea to pre-order now. has given both the books a 7 November 2002 release date. has only got the US paperback listed at the moment. They have it selling at $6.99 and with a simple November 2002 release date.

    However, it is Barnes & Noble who have got the interesting release date for the US paperback. They’re claiming it will be shipped on October, almost a full month before the release of Die Another Day!

    Barnes & Noble have also listed for pre-order the audio CD and cassette of the novelisation, selling for $23.96 and $19.96 respectively. And again there is an October release date!