1. First: Extracts From Original Purvis And Wade Interview!

    By David Winter on 2002-07-10

    As CBn reported yesterday, the screenwriters of Die Another Day, Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, were interviewed by English newspaper "Express". "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" had an article on that, today CBn can bring you the most interesting extracts from the original article!

    Purvis & Wade on Die Another Day
    Where do you go for glamorous locations when 007 already lays claim to being the world's best travelled secret agent? How do you top stunts such as GE's vertical-inducing bungee jump?…But the pair are happy with the way DAD has turned out, "It's a grown-up Bond movie".

    Purvis & Wade on Pierce Brosnan
    "Pierce is very approachable. He is on first-name terms with most of the crew and often hangs out with them during breaks in filming. A lot of Hollywood stars aren't like that, they just troop from the trailer to the sound stage and back again with a ridiculously large entourage."

    Purvis & Wade on Minor Script Changes
    Within moments of sitting down – one of their mobiles goes off. It is Michael Wilson. He wants to make a change to a scene in the film, currently being shot at Pinewood Studios. "Typical", signs Purvis. "You have a day off, then the actors don't know what to say." He and Wade retreat to a corner of the bar where they hastily improvise some new dialogue for a scene in which 007 plunges from a helicopter.

    Purvis & Wade on Career Reflection
    They earned pin-money coming with storylines for pop videos, and were even flown out to Italy to meet a producer who wanted to make a film about Elton John kidnapping the 11 greatest footballers in the world to play them against his own team of robots. This, they say, "was a low point among low points".

    Purvis & Wade on Bond 21
    Of course they would like to write the next Bond film But Wade diplomatically answers: "You can't presume anything in this business."

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