1. Purvis & Wade On James Bond

    By David Winter on 2002-07-09

    The screenwriters of Die Another Day and The World Is Not Enough, Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, were profiled by the "S:2" magazine, which is a part of the "Sunday Express" two days ago. Thanks to Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang you can read the article on the internet.

    The last interview they gave was in February 2001, and CBn is still hosting the article, which can be found here!

    Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is reporting following;

    Since they were last interviewed, in Screen International in Feb. 2001, the talented duo have stayed out of the limelight while they quietly worked on the new Bond screenplay. At the time of the Screen International profile, they had just finished the first draft of the screenplay for the then untitled Bond 20 and were both keen to demolish some of the more outlandish rumours about the film that had appeared on the internet and in the press.


    Judging from the new Express interview, both Purvis and Wade, who are known as 'The Men With the Golden Pens', have been determined to continue developing the darker side of Bond, but also to give audiences the certain things they expect: the Q scene, the Moneypenny scene, new gadgets, and so on. Wade observed: "But making such scenes fresh is a tremendous challenge".

    Forming Another Day
    Wade also told the Express: "We started working on the film in the summer of 2000. The first few months were spent throwing ideas into the air and having brainstorming sessions with Michael and Barbara". Wade revealed that Barbara Broccoli had read about an ice hotel and that gave the screenwriters the idea for the film's ice palace.

    Purvis added further comments to his partner's experiences on the new film by praising Brosnan in particular: "Pierce is very approachable. He's on first-name terms with most of the crew and often hangs out with them during breaks in filming. A lot of Hollywood stars aren't like that…".

    The duo also revealed in the Express interview that they are happy with the way Die Another Day has turned out. Wade commented: "Its a grown-up Bond movie".


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