1. Spy Report: Madonna's Cameo Finally Revealed

    By daniel on 2002-07-08

    It's been one of the most discussed roles for Die Another Day and one of the most confusing as well. It has long been debated whether or not Madonna will have a role in the next James Bond film. Moreover, how she'll actually appear in the film has also been heavily speculated.

    To date, the most popular theory has been that Madonna would appear in Die Another Day as the Scorpion Girl, a character who is involved in the torture of Bond. However, CommanderBond.Net has learnt otherwise.

    Madonna's role in Die Another Day will be that of a fencing instructor. The scene that Madonna features in will take place at the Blades Club in London. The scenes at Blades do involve James Bond dueling villain Gustav Graves both inside and outside of Blades, however, audiences will only see Madonna inside. The singer recently filmed her cameo role at Pinewood Studio's outside of London.

    We're told that Madonna's scenes in the film may have been cut down, possibly due to time restraints. Originally her fencing instructor character had a fair sized role in the Blades sequence. Rumours describing a scene where Madonna and Halle Berry's character, Jinx, kiss are all false. Berry is already back in the United States filming for the second X-Men film.

    Despite the possibility of a smaller role, there is also the possibility of seeing Madonna outside of the Blades club. Director Lee Tamahori has previously revealed that Madonna was having a dress specially designed for her work in the film by fashion house Versace.

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    Thanks to 'Rupert' for helping out with this article.