1. Primadonna – Or why Madonna is causing problems…

    By David Winter on 2002-07-07

    British newspaper Sunday Mirror is reporting about Madonna's Cameo being rewritten by – her husband.

    Here's the entire article:

    SHE'S renowned for her diva demands and getting her own way, so why does it not surprise me Madonna is rumoured to be making life difficult for James Bond film bosses?

    Ever the perfectionist, the 43-year-old star has demanded the script is changed for her cameo role in Die Another Day.

    But it's proving a major headache for the production crew as she's insisted her husband Guy Ritchie rewrites it.

    A source said: "It's a major hassle, especially as we're on a tight schedule and can't afford to overrun on anything.

    "Some of the production staff are doing their nut. But at the end of the day, it is Madonna and she's a major coup for us. Whatever she says goes." Madonna, who also sings the film's theme tune, is due to start shooting scenes opposite 007 Pierce Brosnan and co-star Halle Berry today at London's Pinewood Studios.

    The source added: "It should be interesting as all Madonna's scenes must be shot on Sunday, including her speaking parts, because of her theatre commitments." It is believed Madonna only agreed to sing the title theme tune if she was given a part in the film which is due out in November.

    Because of the dramatic script change, it's not clear what scenes she's in but expectations include a lesbian kiss with Halle Berry and high energy sword-fighting.

    The fighting scenes shouldn't be too gruelling though as mother-of-two Madonna is extremely supple from yoga and pilates. And the lesbian clinch won't be a problem either as she's had a number of her own experiences with the same sex.

    Madonna went through a lipstick lesbian phase years ago when she French-kissed model Naomi Campbell for her raunchy book Sex and allegedly had a fling with American comedienne Sandra Bernhard.

    And in her current play Up For Grabs, which is on at London's Wyndham Theatre, she snogs co-star Megan Dodds.

    I saw the show on Thursday night and thought her performance was brilliant, as did Dame Shirley Bassey who was watching in the wings.

    Unfortunately the same can't be said for Naked Chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jules who last month left during the interval.

    It's no wonder Madonna prefers rival chef Marco Pierre White.

    Well, the lesbian kiss has been denied so far and it was thought that Halle Berry scheduled working on "Die Another Day" already. So is this article true? Who knows.

    Anyway, if you want to discuss Primadonna, please do it in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. And thanks to Forum User 'solitaire' for letting us know.