1. 'Moonraker': The Evolution Of An Ad Campaign

    By johncox on 2002-07-07

    An ad in Variety announces that MOONRAKER is the next James Bond film (and not "For Your Eyes Only", as promised at the end of TSWLM).

    The early Moonraker logo and artwork appear on this unspecified teaser.

    The Eon/Moonraker letterhead gives us a first look at the new logo.

    The stunning Advance A poster is one of my all time favorite Bond posters.

    An Advance B poster takes it a step further…

    I’ve heard this called an international advance sheet.

    The US one sheet promises a mega-Bond experience indeed (and the return of Jaws!)

    A second style one sheet is introduced during the film's record breaking run.

    Yet a third style US one-sheet, the very rare “Review Sheet”, pitches the critical success of Moonraker.

    The Thai poster uses some unique original art.

    Interestingly enough, the unused Moonraker logo and art appears on the U.S. novelization.

    Moonraker comes to T.V…

    All that wonderful art to choose from, and this is what we get when Moonraker comes to DVD.

    Finally, artist Jeff Marshall produced this excellent special edition Moonraker poster;