1. Peter Lamont talks "Die Another Day"

    By David Winter on 2002-07-04

    Peter Lamont, Production Designer of "Die Another Day" attented at a School for Film and TV in Munich, Germany, yesterday. German 007-Website all time high had an insider in Munich, who passed on information that Peter Lamont revealed…

    Unfortunately most students asked for "Titanic", at the end some other wanted to know about the new James Bond film. The most surprising information – the 1st unit is still shooting and has not ended filming, as formerly reported. In the next days there will be filming somewhere in England, and according to Peter Lamont scenes will be shot where Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Pierce Brosnan will fall into an ice lake.

    Lamont also talked about a scene where they filmed the Green Jaguar. First it should be shot with Blue Screens, but they decided to take a 360° panorama shot on location in Iceland. They used this shot as backdrop, and it looked great, according to the Production Designer. So it was decided to do the scene without Blue Screen.

    Finally he revealed that there is a big time pressure. So they had to shoot scenes with the model of an Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Antanov, but it didn't look well, so they had to edit the model, which meant more loss of time. Post production will last until mid-October.

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