1. Pierce Brosnan returns to TV

    By Kevin Wells on 2010-11-17

    Deadline has a new scoop today about former James Bond Pierce Brosnan returning to TV, although not in a lead role. Called an investigative thriller, it’s from ER writer-producer Jack Orman and tells the tale of a private investigator who specializes in international crisis innervation; anything from solving homicides to financial schemes around the world. It is based on the real-life experiences of international PI Logan Clarke.

    Brosnan will be executive producer through his Irish DreamTime production company and have a smaller role on the show. Brosnan has starred in several TV movies and been on a number of TV series’ throughout the 80s and 90s, but is best known for his lead role on NBC’s Remington Steele before he became James Bond for 1995’s GoldenEye.