1. Pierce Brosnan Reveals New Plot Detail

    By daniel on 2002-07-03

    In an interview with IGN that took place at the Omega Press Conference. Understandably the conversation moved away from the Omega to Die Another Day and Pierce revealed a few interesting details.

    Pierce gave a few brief comments about the film, it involves Koreans for instance, however, there was one that caught my eye. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Pierce mentioned that the film involved James Bond having his identity taken from him, with the rest of the filming involving him trying to get it back from those who originally gave it to him!.

    Well what does that mean? There are numerous possibilities. However, the main one that springs to mind is the persistent rumour that after becoming Missing In Action Bond’s official number, 007, is assigned to another agent; none other than Miranda Frost. That would certainly be a loss of identity for Bond and would of course continue on the friction that exists between Bond and M.

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