1. Theme Song Rumoured To Premiere At MTV Video Music Awards

    By daniel on 2002-07-02

    File this one under rumour and speculation but it's the latest news in the world of Madonna.

    It seems that Madonna may be performing at this years MTV Video Music Awards. This years awards will be held on August 28. If you take the rumour that Madonna will perform to be true, then you may find that she'll be performing the title track for Die Another Day.

    Why? Well in recent times Bond films have received heavy promotion from MTV. Furthermore, Madonna would only perform a new track to the world-wide audience. And what better promotion than to perform the title track for Die Another Day, which will be released on her forthcoming album.

    If correct, it could mean that we'll see the videoclip for Die Another Day's title track in late August, with the single on shelves sometime in early October.

    We'll wait, see and hope! Until then you can discuss this news in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums!