1. Pierce Didn't Enjoy Filming Love Scenes

    By daniel on 2002-06-26

    It seems like every mans fantasy, in bed with a scantily clad Halle Berry or Rosamund Pike. However, just as he felt about the love scenes in The World Is Not Enough, Pierce Brosnan has explained that filming the love scenes for Die Another Day weren't really that good.

    The IMDb reports that Pierce has said the idea of stripping down with Halle was highly appealing – until it was put to practice. "They're in both of your knickers, you're trying not to show breasts and nipples and stuff – all the loveliness of life. It's mad, absolutely mad! These love scenes always sound so seductive and lovely and here you are with this beautiful woman, rolling around in the sack, so to speak, and then you have this director under sheets with you, trying to get the shot. If that's not enough, there's also cameras on either side of you."

    Fans won't share the same sentiments come November I'm sure.