1. Barbara Broccoli (Producer)

    By daniel on 2002-06-23

    Barbara Broccoli

    Just because you are girl does not mean you cannot appreciate the world of James Bond. And surely, the poster woman for the female 007 fan is Barbara Broccoli.

    The daughter Cubby Broccoli by his third wife, Dana, Barbara graduated from Loyola University and shortly thereafter began working for Eon Productions. She started as an assistant director for the films Octopussy and A View To A Kill. With the 1987 film The Living Daylights, Barbara Broccoli graduated to the role of producer, a role she has maintained on every Bond film since.

    Beyond her work with Eon Productions, Barbara Broccoli has worked on specials and documentaries including the 1996 film Crime of the Century. This television special told the stories of Lindbergh Baby kidnapping from the perspective of the man that some believe was falsely accused and convicted of the crime.

    Die Another Day is not the only film that has Broccoli’s attention at the present moment. On behalf of the International Labor Organization, Broccoli is serving as Executive Producer of the documentary Stolen Childhood, which chronicles the continued growth of child labor in developing countries and the horrific conditions these children must contend with.

    Her varied work in film not only makes her a worthy successor to the Bond canon that her father left her, but a woman James Bond would be proud to know.

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