1. More behind the scenes footage from DAD

    By The CBn Team on 2002-06-28

    CBBC news service, Newsround, has some interesting information on the sword fight we have been hearing about for some months. Even more interesting are these pictures, depicting a scene we have yet to see either in footage or stills.

    This first image shows Bond and Graves seemingly having just finished a take. We can also see Bond appears to have a bloody nose, as director Tamahori has previously mentioned, Bond is going to have a rough time in Die Another Day.

    The second image, from the same scene, shows Bond being kicked in the face by Graves while duelling on the steps.

    Both images are from the fight scene at 'Blades'. Earlier in the year there was speculation as to who Bond would duel with during the fight sequence. Although initial thoughts pointed towards Miranda Frost, this has apparently cleared up the matter. The video footage shows elements of the teaser trailer, plus the fight scene, which takes place at studio set at Pinewood. The fight sequence looks to be extremely intense and director Tamahori explains it will conclude within one of the water fountains in Blades' grounds.

    The video footage also reveals that the scene will be towards the beginning of the movie, it is possible the scene fits in after Graves' press conference, and possible knighting at Buckingham Palace.

    The 2 minute video footage can be downloaded here

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