1. James Bond in Die Another Day Figure Revealed

    By daniel on 2002-06-28

    Sideshow Toy have just revealed the Pierce Brosnan/James Bond 12" figure from Die Another Day, and here it is;

    The suit seems just a tad large, however, the face has a good likeness (definetley a lot better than any other Brosnan figures that have been released to date).

    Interestingly, the figure will be released with a Russian AKM74-SU machine gun. One has to speculate if Bond will lay his hands on this weapon in Die Another Day.

    More views of the model are available here.

    This has to be a 'must buy' figure and is retailing for US$40! Bring on more Die Another Day figures!

    Another figure to be released is the George Lazenby figure;

    We've seen a glimpse of this figure in the past, however, this is the final version. More views of the Lazenby figure can be seen here.