1. George Aguilar, Stunt Coordinator

    By David Winter on 2002-06-28

    The official MGM James Bond Website has updated again – this time with Production Newsflash #23 and a lot of information on Stunt Coordinator George Aguilar.

    Unfortunately there isn't any new information, but we are promised a report about the Hovercraft Sequene "in a week or so".

    The article contains also an Interview with George Aguilar himself and has some very nice pictures in it.

    Pierce Brosnan with his Stunt Double Mark Mottram

    Aguilar talks about the Hovercraft Sequence and also about the Ice Chase which was shot in Iceland earlier this year. "Bond’s are always very stunt intensive. The tricky part is while you’re working on one scene you have coming up something equally big so its staying on top and being prepared", he says.

    In another picture you can discover a Korean Temple in the background. Rumours are saying that Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Bond and Zao will fight against each other around this temple.

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