1. Brosnan Interview On Rove Live

    By David Winter on 2002-06-25

    Rove Live was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Mr Pierce Brosnan, via satellite direct from the UK.

    Before the add break they played a snippet from the Die Another Day trailer, then the interview began… Pierce was wearing a normal white shirt and he appeared to be at the Omega conference set. Rove started off by asking how he was offered the role of Bond. Pierce explained that after Remington Steele was axed, he was rung and simply asked to play. He agreed, but because of the recent hype around Brosnan, NBC furthered the series with only 6 more shows, and that he was ‘pissed off’ and that he got ‘The short shift’ by greedy men in suits.

    Using the ‘Ice Cube’ scene in The World Is Not Enough as an example, Rove asked if it was difficult to film the Bed scenes. Pierce slowly went on saying (with comedic interruptions from Rove, where Pierce jokingly yelled out ‘Shut up Rove let me finish answering the question!’) that it does get uncomfortable, but despite that, not even a woman’s nipple is allowed to be shown in a Bond movie.

    They moved on to how the Bond movies have become more Family Orientated, rather then the ‘dark’ and ‘perverted’ books by Ian Fleming, and that Pierce thought the change was good, in some respects.

    Also a few nights ago former Bond Girl Britt Ekland (Mary Goodnight, The Man With The Golden Gun) was on the show and commented on the current women in the series, she picked out one Girl in particular… Teri Hatcher, saying that she was a terrible choice, an opinion not shared with Brosnan.

    Then they had to quickly rap it up, so Rove quickly asked if he will be do any more films and if he is being replaced. Yes. Brosnan said nodding. He will be replaced, but he would like to round off his total to five.

    Short and not shedding light on anything new. Wasn’t pleased with the questions asked but still good enough to keep me pumped. Hopefully there will be a better interview sometime soon.