1. Hot New Official Pictures From Die Another Day

    By daniel on 2002-06-25

    Fox International has released a new series of promotional pictures from Die Another Day, and they're all looking good.

    First off is James Bond at the controls of a hovercraft in North Korea;

    Next is an absolutely georgeous image of people inside the Ice Palace. Due to the low lighting and the small crowds it seems this shot may be inbetween takes.

    Next is a shot of Bond and Jinx in Cuba. While Pierce is known to enjoy the odd cigar in his private life, this picture does allow for speculation that Bond will be seen smoking again in Die Another Day.

    And finally, a shot of the Aston Martin Vanquish being pursued by the Jaguar XKR in Iceland. Note the existing tyre tracks and the holes in the ice?

    There are some very promising images there, giving us a glimpse not only of the film but also what the Making-Of book has in store for us.