1. Report About Filming In Burnham Deepdale

    By daniel on 2002-06-13

    EDP 24, a regional Norfolk Website, has published an interesting article on filming scenes for Die Another Day in Norfolk:

    It's name is Deepdale. Burnham Deepdale.

    But it's appearance on the big screen in the new James Bond movie is unlikely to leave local film-goers either shaken or stirred.

    Locations in the quiet corner of rural north-west Norfolk are set to feature in the latest the new 007 blockbuster – Die Another Day – after Hollywood studio bosses became the latest to shoot footage in the county.

    In scenes shot just weeks ago at Deepdale Farmhouse, Burnham Deepdale, near Hunstanton, a stunt double for the current 007 actor Pierce Brosnan, was involved in a shoot for the latest instalment of the spy thriller.
    But if the film crews have done their jobs, Bond fans looking to point out familiar Norfolk landscapes will have an impossible task on their hands – because the farmland was made to look like Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) an Asian paddy field!

    Locals will know the farmland, owned by Alister Borthwick, is very low lying salt marsh, which makes parts susceptible to flooding at low tide – perfect for scenes doubling as Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) a flooded rice field in Cambodia.

    David Shepheard, head of company development at the region's film commission Screen East confirmed the location's unusual role.

    He said: Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) “It was shot as if it was a rice field in Cambodia”.

    The film, which opens on November 22, has the usual high speed chases in various exotic locations including Korea, Hong Kong and Cuba, although the exact plot is a closely-guarded secret, and it is rumoured to involve Bond tracking down a traitor to prevent a war of catastrophic consequence.

    With its release set to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Bond films, it features Brosnan as 007 with other lead characters including Judi Dench in her familiar role as 'M', John Cleese, Halle Berry and Rick Yune with Madonna signed up to sing theme song Die Another Day.

    A spokesman for the production company for Die Another Day, EON Productions, would only confirm that an "action unit" had filmed at the Burnham Deepdale location towards the end of April.

    The spokesman said: "A stunt unit was used at Deepdale Farmhouse and during the shoot a James Bond double was used. We can't give any more details about it at this time."