1. Official Making Of 'DAD'-Video online!

    By daniel on 2002-06-12

    Today two websites have published an official EON/MGM "Making of DAD" video. German TV Station RTL, who brought us already a lot of footage and Australian NineMSN have both the new Die Another Day Video online for download.

    Well, let's summarize the video; a full transcript of what is being seen can be found at Commanderbond.Net later today.

    As there are many Spoilers contained in the video, you will have to highlight the following text to read it.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    There are a lot of interviews with Cast and Crew, and a lot of Plot Information is revealed. Additionally some dialouges can be seen.

    First of all: Miranda Frost is an MI6 Agent! We can watch her being briefed by M in M’s office. Pierce Brosnan tells, “Rosamund is playing Miranda Frost, an MI6 Agent.” It seems that the producers noticed the wishes of 007 fans worldwide to see a female MI6 agent playing together with James Bond. We can also see Miranda attening the Press Conference of Gustav Graves, and the impression, that she’s the privat secretary of Graves, gets stronger!

    Toby Stephens explains his role: “It seems that Graves is mining, dugging for diamonds – it’s an economy friendly guy, but in reality he isn’t.”

    We are also shown the face transformation of Zao. It’s interrupted by Bond and a wild fight is the result.

    Well, it's definately the best Video we've seen so far! Enjoy watching it, it's worth it!