1. Cleese To Return, But As R or Q? – Updated!

    By David Winter on 2001-05-24

    We’ve known since January 2000 that John Cleese would return for three more Bond films, atleast. And now we’re the first James Bond site to confirm that Cleese’s character will be known as… Q!

    It’s been a long debated idea. Should Cleese replace Llwellyn as Q or should that title be reserved simply as a sign of respect? Q of course is should for Quartermaster, both Cleese’s and Llwellyn’s role. R was none other than a joke name created by Bond in The World Is Not Enough.

    Cleese has confirmed that his promotion to Q comes only after the car accident which killed Llwellyn late in 1999. Cleese explains that he “always assumed that he [Llwellyn] would do the next two or three because he had no trouble with his lines and then there was this terrible car accident”.

    Moving on Cleese has confirmed that despite being invovled in the next three films he only spends four days on set for each film. All this information comes from an interview that Cleese had with About.Com.

    With this knowledge it can be assumed that some tribute will be pay to Llwellyn in Bond 20. But how will his character be dealt with remains a mystery. Will Major Boothroyd retire? We’ll find out, and as soon as we do we’ll be the first to let you know.

    If you’d like to discuss the notion of Q, R and Major Boothroyd then you should head over to the Bond 20 Forums, the best and only place on the web to discuss Bond 20! This thread has already begun in relation to what Cleese has revealed, see you there! And at the end of it all remeber, you heard it first from Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies!!