1. British tabloid publishes new photos from set!

    By David Winter on 2002-06-23

    British tabloid The Sun has again brought us information on the shooting of Die Another Day.

    The paper also indicated two interesting photos in their article, both taken on the set in Gloucestershire, which doubled for Iceland.

    Cool … 007 star Pierce takes aim in new
    Bond movie Die Another Day

    Bond's got licence to chill

    ICE spy with my little eye — movie hunk Pierce Brosnan in his latest outing as James Bond.

    But as any good spy knows, appearances can be deceptive.

    For pistol-wielding Pierce’s chilling scene at an ice station actually took place in summery GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

    The Sun caught up with the 49-year-old star on the set of Die Another Day in a car park at Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds.

    A stunned local said: “I couldn’t believe it. Pierce Brosnan was in the middle of the car park with a gun in his hand.

    “They had created these amazing looking ice caps.

    “It was pretty weird seeing them there as it was a warm day.”

    The film, the 20th in the Bond series, will also star Halle Berry and features Madonna in a cameo role which will feature a lesbian snog.

    Rick Yune plays North Korean baddie Zao, who can alter his face at will.

    My gun's bigger … baddie Zao chases Bond by
    car past the 'ice station' in Gloucestershire

    At one point he chased Bond’s Aston Martin across the car park in a Jaguar with a huge machinegun on the back.

    Pierce makes a fourth appearance as 007, the “licensed to kill” hero.

    But as The Sun watched he forgot his lines and often referred to his script. Pierce, you just say: “The name is Bond … James Bond.”