1. Whitney Houston Poll Wrap Up

    By David Winter on 2001-05-21

    The official results for the Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies Whitney Houston Poll were finalised today – and the results definetly reflected what was being said in the forums.

    To begin with, let’s recap. Back in March 2001 British Tabloid ‘The Sun’ reported that pop diva Whitney Houston was lining up to star in Bond 20. A few days later Amanda Lundberg, a spokesperson for MGM, confirmed that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson would be talking with the singer in the near future, although Ms Lundberg described the talks as “general in nature.” Even later still we revealed that Wilson and Broccoli would meet with Houston, but the idea was floated from MGM and not EON.

    To date there has been no further official word on Houston in the series. But here’s how you, the viewer, reacted:

    A total of 822 people voted on the question, If Whitney Houston Had To Be Involved In Bond 20 She Should:

    Sing The Title Song, 259 people voted making it 31%

    Act A Minor Role, only 33 people voted making it a minor 4%

    Act A Major Role yielded the most surprising results with only 41 people thinking Houston should take a lead role. Again it totalled to 4%

    Not Be Invovled At All won the day with a staggering 489 votes! That’s 59% of the total vote!

    Voters could also leave some comments. Here are some of the more prominent ones:

    I’d like to see Kylie sing the title song, and be involved as a minor love interest!

    She should have been in a bond film a few years ago, she doesn’t have the “New, hip” look of today. Plus I think Robbie or Sting should sing the title

    Houston is a piece. But, she did o.k. (o.k. ONLY!) In the Bodyguard movie!

    whitney houston ,you must be jocking!Has the director gone mad to think of her at all!

    I think she could sing a very dramatic title song quite well

    Thats because about 99% of singers and models cant act

    You can still view the poll online here and the comments here. The Bond 20 Forums are still discussing Whitney Houston here so it would be great to hear what you have to say!! And thanks for voting!