1. What DAD Footage Was On Australian TV

    By daniel on 2002-06-02

    I've just watched the Die Another Day segment on Australian media new program Premiere. Sadly, not actual footage from Die Another Day was shown, however, there were some great shots of behind the scenes footage.

    The segment centred around Pierce Brosnan who aside from casual wear was also wearing army fatigues. However, these were different to those shown recently at the ABC Stunt Awards, rather he was wearing a jacket as well.

    Brosnan spoke of his interest to do Bond 21, saying that after July he'll be unemployed. He then took the cameras for a tour of the completed Ice Palace, which I must say looks amazing. I only wish we had some professional photos of the inside so that we could really appreciate the finish product. While the audience got a tour of the palace, which seems huge, Brosnan noted that the palace was being 'melted'. However, Brosnan mentioned that he couldn't say why as that was "top secret". However, sources for CommanderBond.Net have indicated that Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) the Ice Palace will be ‘melted’ by its owner Gustav Graves, using his solar space satellite ‘Icarus’.

    The footage also showed Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish inside the Ice Palace, confirming reports that we'll see the Vanquish racing throughout the structure.

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