1. New Director Under Consideration?

    By David Winter on 2001-05-15

    A new name has been thrown into the ring today in the consideration for a director for Bond 20.

    Fans of this site will recall May the 2nd‘s exclusive news that no director had been hired for Bond 20.

    Brett Ratner, director of only 5 major films (one yet to me made), is the latest director under considerations according to DarkHorizons. Ratner has previously directed 1998’s Rush Hour and 2000’s The Family Man starring Nicholas Cage. He’s also begun work on Rush Hour 2, due for release sometime in 2001. DarkHorizons do comment that the rumour is from the “left field”.

    Come and join us in the Bond 20 Forums where this thread opened sometime ago for the discussion of Bond 20’s Director! So come in and tell us who you’d like to see direct Bond 20!

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