1. Exclusive: Photos From Around Pinewood Studios And Set!

    By daniel on 2002-05-31

    An entrance at Pinewood Studio's

    'TP007' was at Pinewood Studio's last week, camera in hand, and some great news and pictures giving us a clue about what has been happening at the studio recently. And to start us off for today is the above picture of one of the entrances to Pinewood Studio's.

    One of the interesting things that our source noted was the fact that no-where was the film referred to as Die Another Day. Rather, it was always referred to as Bond XX on noticeboards and panels.

    Sadly, when 'TP007' visited Pierce Brosnan was out and about so we don't have any stunning photos of the man in action. However, his car spot did stay behind at Pinewood Studio's. So ladies, this is where Piece parks. Notice it's the car spot closest to the entrance?

    Pierce Brosnan's Car Space at Pinewood Studio's

    Out and about this is the famous 007 Stage from a distance.

    The 007 Stage

    While not on a stage this photograph is sure to make more than a few Bond fans happy.

    A Bio-dome On The Pinewood Backlot

    The above photo is of a completed lower-segment of one of the bio-domes owned by villain Gustav Graves. While the whole of the bio-dome hasn't been constructed, something which would be a huge feat, the upper parts till be digitally inserted during post-production. This segment has been constructed for purposes of up-close filming.

    You'll note the excellent iced-over effects. While it is cold in the UK at the moment, it's not that cold. The bio-domes, afterall, be seen in Iceland in the film. They'll be near Graves' Ice Palace, something we'll have more on later.

    A Backdrop On The 007 Stage

    The above image is of a backdrop, obviously having an Iceland background, on The 007 Stage. Unfortunately, due to extremely tight security 'TP007' wasn't able to get onto the actual set to get photos of the foreground. One possibility indicates that filming may have involved several snow skidoos, as there were quite a some being moved about the sets.

    Aircraft Nose Section

    The above image shows the nose of an aircraft to be used for filming. You'll note that it is on wheels and most likely a mock up version of the cockpit for close up filming. The aircraft is presumably an Antanov and will feature towards Die Another Day's climax. Furthermore, 'TP007' tells us that a model of the Antanov, we're told only the backend, is being constructed outside on the back-lot.

    Outside of a Set on D-Stage

    The above photo shows the outside of a set on D Stage. 'TP007' tells us that the set seemed to be of the Blades Club set where we've been told we'll see both Bond and Miranda Frost in action.

    The following image is of the same set from a different angle. Note that backdrop featuring buildings. It will be interesting to note how realistic these buildings will seem in the finished product of the film.

    Outside of a Set on D-Stage

    The following image is of an ice wall being contructed on the Pinewood backlot. The use of this setpiece is as yet unknown, however, it does have overtones of Bruce Feirstein's unused opening for Tomorrow Never Dies where James Bond 'rock'-climbs up a glacial wall.

    An Ice Wall

    The next image is of the screen of the Pinewood Water Tank. The Water Tank has recently been used to film shots of Halle Berry's body-double diving into the water. CommanderBond.Net featured exclusive pictures of this, and more, filming recently.

    The Backdrop of the Pinewood Water Tank

    Interestingly enough 'TP007' tells us that in the direct vicinity of the Water Tank was the Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) remains of a set that appeared to be a “Korean temple-type building”.

    Finally, we have a picture of the outside of the Ice Palace.

    An External View Of The Ice Palace

    A huge thank you goes out to TP007 for providing these images to CommanderBond.Net and Bond fans. If you'd like to discuss the images, or any of the content of the report, please visit this thread in the Die Another Day Forums. See you there!

    'M' has written in to correct me on something. I incorrectly referred to one of the sets as the Hong Kong set, it's actually the Blades Club set. I've made the correction above. Thanks to M for letting me know.