1. The Role Of Miss Moneypenny

    By David Winter on 2002-05-30

    Our source; "Ted-E-Bear", has just checked it with some infomation regarding the role of Miss Moneypenny in "Die Another Day". He tells us that actress, Samantha Bond is happy with her role in the movie, and also adds that she plans on stepping down from the role when Pierce Brosnan hangs up his tux, and steps down from his role as 007.

    "Ted-E-Bear" was set a special mission recentley by to speak with Samantha about her role in "Die Another Day", she revealed the following:

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    her character will be seen in two locations in the movie. One of these will be in a scene set at MI6 headquarters, however she has refused to reveal where the second location will be. believes it to be the secret MI6 headquarters in the London underground system.

    Of course, we have already been told by that her character will be much more involved in this 20th film, we will just have to wait for the movie to find out how involved she actually is. Check back soon to for more up to date infomation on the world of James Bond.

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