1. Bond 20, Who Will Direct?

    By David Winter on 2001-05-02

    Well I’ve (Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes) have been sitting on this one for quite some time now, unsure whether to publish it.

    Fans of this glorious site will recall news from April the 2nd in which Pierce Brosnan voiced his own opinion that he wouldn’t mind seeing Ang Lee direct Bond 20. But how could that be? After all, isn’t Michael Apted returning?

    Well it seems Apted may not be. You’ll recall from the news that I mentioned a source who spoke of Bond 20 being directorless. Well I contacted a spokesperson at EON Productions and they confirmed that no director is currently assigned to Bond 20!

    So there you have it! Bond 20 is currently directorless and producers are searching for a director! Don’t forget to visit the exclusive Bond 20 Forums great for discussing Bond 20! And also don’t forget that you heard it here, first from Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies. The Best and Only James Bond 20 Source!