1. Book Prize Named After Ian Fleming

    By David Winter on 2002-05-28

    As Cinescape reports, there will be a book prize named after Ian Fleming in future:

    The estate of Ian Fleming is honoring the fiftieth anniversary of the first James Bond book, CASINO ROYALE, by creating a new award for thriller writing named after the iconic British author.

    Starting later this year, the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award will honor the best thriller of the year, with the only stipulation the book first be published in Britain.

    This news comes along with the announcement that Fleming’s catalogue of books will be reissued by Penguin books. The books (almost all of them the early James Bond books which provided the basis for the first 15 or so Bond films) have been out of print for some time now.

    The first Steel Dagger award will be this November.