1. Liz Hurley Turns Down Role Of Bond Girl

    By David Winter on 2001-04-26

    She was Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers but it now seems that English Actress Elizabeth Hurley has turned down the chance to star in Bond 20.

    That’s according to the IMDB who today have posted this short snippet about Hurley:

    Elizabeth Hurley has turned down a part in the new James Bond movie. Her decision is a wise one — because so many women’s careers have flopped after appearing as a “Bond girl”.

    Of course the IMDB is talking about the fact that few of the Bond girls from the Connery and Moore era went on to have a successful career. However, they’re plain wrong. You just have to look at Famke Janssen and Michelle Yeoh to prove it!

    There’s little else news on this which I’m treating suspiciously. Being a Bond Girl is just the sort of thing that Hurley’s career needs. But anyway, if you know anything else please send it in to me, [email protected] A big thank you to Dave Ebersole for pointing out this news to me.

    And for now just enjoy these pictures, both from Bedazzled.