1. Brosnan To Stay As Bond?

    By David Winter on 2001-04-25

    News has continued to move away from Bond 20 and to the future into Bond 21. This time the Chicago Sun-Times have reported that sources close to Pierce Brosnan have said that he hasn’t ruled out out making up to three more Bond films after Bond 20. That would take his total up to seven films.

    This news comes of course after continuous rumours of who was being considered to replace Brosnan. Candidates apparently include Academy Award Winner Russel Crowe.

    It had earlier been reported that Brosnan demanded a pay cheque of US$20 million to star in Bond 21 and any subsequent films. But the paper claims sources close to the negotiations say that number is not even close to what he will be paid, should he and the producers agree on a further deal.

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