1. Bond, James Bond Exhibition Coming To Science Museum In London

    By daniel on 2002-05-21

    The James Bond exhibition, Bond, James Bond, is moving from the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television to the Science Museum this October. CommanderBond.Net has already provided extensive coverage on the current incarnation of the event and now we have further details on the forthcoming incarnation.

    On 16 October 2002 the Science Museum will unveil Bond, James Bond. In partnership with Eon Productions, The Science Museum presents an exciting new exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world's best-known movie phenomenon – the James Bond films.

    BOND, JAMES BOND includes original objects, concept drawings, storyboards and costume designs from all nineteen Bond movies. From Oddjob's deadly bowler hat in Goldfinger, to the Acrostar jet of Octopussy and the credit card key from The World Is Not Enough, BOND, JAMES BOND showcases gadgets, vehicles and iconic images that are the hallmarks of the Bond films. The exhibition is a behind-the-scenes exploration of the creative talents and skills of the production process that have made Bond an international phenomenon.

    The Exhibition: In Die Another Day, the 20th Bond film (to be released in autumn 2002), Pierce Brosnan returns at the wheel of the latest Aston Martin, a marque first made famous in Goldfinger. The Aston Martin displayed in the entrance along with the Q-Boat from The World Is Not Enough, will herald Bond's presence in the Museum.

    Armed with a special agent swipe card, visitors enter the world of BOND, JAMES BOND with the first module setting the origins of the character in the social and political context of the Cold War era, with its spy scandals, the Berlin wall and the space race. Visitors then move through a presentation of the innovative title sequences, trying their hand at the technique of creating the famous girls and guns titles, before registering as a special agent with MI6. Arriving in a recreation of M's office, visitors will be briefed on their mission and see original objects including the original Top Secret file from Thunderball.

    Are you paying attention 007? The next stop is Q's workshop, where original plans and drawings – including those of the Aston Martin DB5, the jetpack and the Q boat – surround objects from the films, including Bond's Omega laser watch. Pride of place is given to the Crocodile submarine and Acrostar Jet from Octopussy. Suitably equipped for a challenging mission, visitors experience a death-defying stunt before entering the villain's lair. Based on the funhouse from The Man With The Golden Gun visitors will encounter some of Bond's deadly adversaries and see Rosa Klebb's flick-knife shoe, Oddjob's bowler hat, the Golden Gun and Jaws' murderous teeth.

    The things I do for England… No Bond film would be complete without an encounter with glamorous, mysterious women. A module including original costumes from The World Is Not Enough, Live and Let Die and Tomorrow Never Dies give a glimpse into the work of designers on creating the Bond look.

    I've been expecting you… Experience the excitement of a Bond finale and see plans and props from some of Bond's greatest nail-biting successes and hair's-breadth escapes, including concept art, designs and models of reactor rooms, underwater strongholds and isolated palaces. The debrief module enables visitors to find out how they have scored as an agent and looks at the enduring iconography of Bond through a display of world-wide poster artwork that illustrates the timeless and international appeal of the character and the genre.

    You can find out further details about the exhibition by visiting the Science Museums website at and by keeping an eye on the news and special details that CommanderBond.Net will be providing!