1. Other Places The Teaser Trailer Is Showing

    By daniel on 2002-05-21

    CommanderBond.Net has been following the teaser trailer with a lot interest recently and as a part of that we've been trying to help people find it on the big screen. Thankfully, quite a few people have written in with details on where they've seen it.

    Here are some more details;

    My Co-Editor at CommanderBond.Net, Dave Winter, saw the trailer at his local theatre in front of a showing of Star Wars Attack of the Clones. His local theatre is,

    Ster Century

    Michel has written in to let us know that he has seen the trailer in front of Star Wars in Belgium. Interestingly, he's told us that the trailer was in French. Hence, a dubbed version of the online version.

    'MoonThunder' has let us know that he's seen Attack Of The Clones three times at three different theatres and all three times the trailer for Die Another Day was shown. He saw Attack Of The Clones in Ohio.

    Finally, [dark] has let us know that his friend has seen the trailer in Queensland, Australia! If you head in to see Star Wars at the cinema at Pacific Fair (which is on the Gold Coast) you'll get to see the Die Another Day teaser trailer. Interestingly, [dark]'s friend was pretty certain he saw the US teaser trailer for Die Another day as opposed to the International teaser trailer.

    Thanks to Dave, Michel, 'MoonThunder' and [dark] for taking the time of writing in and letting us know about where the trailer is showing!