1. Roger Moore Reveals His Choice For Next Bond

    By David Winter on 2001-04-23

    Speaking with Popcorn former-007 Roger Moore has revealed his choice for the next Bond. And to quote Popcorn, “they’re as quirky as the seven-time Bond star.”

    So who is it? You must we wondering that by now. Well I’ll give you a clue he was in ‘Jerry Maguire’ and will soon star opposite Ben Afflek in ‘Pearl Harbour’. Got it yet? Nope. Well it’s Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Gooding Jr won a best supporting actor for his ace performance in ‘Jerry Maguire’. Moore, it seems, has been quote as saying “it’s about time film bosses cast a black actor in the role”.

    Of course in recent days no one has talked about Bond 20 – only who will replace Bond. Despite Moore’s choices I doubt it will happen, I can’t see EON Productions making such a move anytime soon.

    Feel free to discuss all this in the Bond 21 & Beyond Forums where this thread was established a short while back discussing a replacement for Pierce Brosnan, however, the whole forums is crowded with different opinions.