1. James Bond Party at Cannes

    By David Winter on 2002-05-19

    The Hindustan Times have published an article on a James Bond Party held in Cannes, Spain.

    Britain's superspy James Bond was back on the French Riviera Saturday as guest of honour at one of the biggest parties to be held during the Cannes Film Festival.

    Pierce Brosnan, the Irish actor currently incarnating 007, arrived at Cannes for a string of media appearances designed to promote the latest Bond adventure, "Die Another Day", which will be released later this year.

    The film's makers, MGM-United Artists, and MTV Europe have gone all out to hype the film on the sidelines of the festival, hoping for the same sort of attention that gave "Lord of the Rings" such valuable pre-release buzz at Cannes last year.

    The Bond film has been plastered over one of the most prominent hotels on the beachfront, a wharf has been dedicated to the secret agent, and an Aston-Martin – Bond's car of choice – has been parked ostentatiously on a lawn.

    A Bond party was to take place late Saturday at the private villa of fashion mogul Pierre Cardin, in an exclusive neighbourhood several kilometres (miles) from Cannes.

    More than 1,500 guests "dressed to kill" have been invited to the bash, which will feature a mock casino, dozens of "Bond girls" and the British R'n'B group Soul II Soul.

    Invitations were printed on special paper that only revealed the address when heat from a pressed palm made it legible.

    The latest Bond film concerns a North Korean baddie who uses a face-changing device to change his identity.

    It was shot this year in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Spain, Iceland and London and is to be released in November.

    For Brosnan, who turned 49 on Thursday, it will be his fourth time as the super suave spy. He has said the next film – the 21st in the epic series – will likely be his last.

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