1. Where The Trailer Has Been Seen

    By daniel on 2002-05-18

    We've already published the details of theatres which will be showing the Die Another Day teaser trailer with Attack of the Clones, however, we've received some further details.

    'License To Kill' has written in to tell is that he saw the trailer in Pittsburgh. "I was first to hear that in a local movie theater in suburbia Pittsburgh that in the 12:00am showing of AOTC on May 16, showed the Bond trailer.. He tells us that he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. So hopefull some others do too.

    'Jules' has let us know that the trailer is playing in the Chicago area at the AMC30 in Warrenville/Wheaton.

    Finally, Alex has written in to let us know that the trailer is playing in New York City. Alex saw the trailer at AMC 25 movie theater on West 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan. It was shown before the “Star Wars Episode II” movie in screening room #6 during the 10:15 PM show on 05/16/2002. The Fox logo was not part of it, and it was the same teaser shown at the Quicktime website. Furthermore, he tells us the audience loved the trailer! So that's good news.

    Thanks to everyone who's written in to us to let us know where they've seen the trailer. Hopefully we'll see it in front of a few other films and not just Star Wars.