1. Gerard Butler Lined Up For Brosnan Shoes?

    By David Winter on 2001-04-23

    It seems a very common thing these day. There’s little news on James Bond 20, but instead world new sources are concentrating on Bond 21 and beyond.

    While New Zealand actor and Academy Award Winner Russel Crowe seems to be hogging most of the lime light little known Scottish Actor Gerard Butler has apparently been approached to star in a future Bond film as James Bond 007. According to the Daily Record producers want to sign up a Scotsman to follow veteran 007 Sean Connery (the connection being there that they are both Scottish!!).

    Known to few fans is the fact that Butler appeared in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies as a Seaman aboard the H.M.S Devonshire. He’ll make his major screen debut as a lead role as Dracula in the soon to be released Dracula 2000. The film has been released in the USA and other countries already but it doesn’t debut till the 15th of June 2001 in the UK (apparently it’s already shown in Australia, if that’s true then I [Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes] heard nothing about it!)

    Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies are still waiting on some official word from EON Productions on Butler and this rumour – as soon as we find out we’ll let you know.

    You can discuss Butler and other Bond contenders in the Bond 21 & Beyond Section of our Bond 20 Forums. It would great to see you there! If you want my opinion – well I think we should all just concentrate on Bond 20 rather than Bond 21 and Beyond!