1. DAD Teaser Trailer Now Online

    By daniel on 2002-05-15

    The teaser trailer for Die Another Dayis now online at Yahoo Movies.

    It is apparently an international teaser trailer to be shown world-wide. This is indicated by two things 1) Both the MGM and Fox logos are shown at the beginning of the trailer and 2) the trailer ends with Coming Soon as opposed to Coming November as it would if it were strictly a US Teaser Trailer.

    So what does the teaser contain? Not as much footage from Die Another Day as I thought it would. It does, however, contain some amazing effects. The trailer opens as if we were watching the title sequence for Die Another Day. It's quite amazing to watch, and I hope that these are a glimpse at Daniel Kleinmann's credits.

    The official James Bond site has updated to include details on the teaser trailer, however, they link straight to Yahoo Movies, who have the exclusive for this trailer.

    While this trailer is beautifully done I'm hoping, purely as a fan, that much like the Star Wars films Die Another Day will have several teaser trailers. That would be great advertising!

    The release of the Die Another Day teaser trailer were first revealed by CommanderBond.Net eight days ago.

    Of course, the trailer does include plenty more little glimpses. One noteably or Rick Yune, however, you'll have to discuss these and find out about them in the related forum thread.

    Please discuss the trailer in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    November 2002 cannot come soon enough!