1. Spy Report: New Set Details From Pinewood Studios

    By daniel on 2002-05-13

    Vanquish has just written in with details on a set that may be constructed at Pinewood Studios. One set should be nothing new to regular readers of Die Another Day, however, the other is completely new.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    If constructed, the main part of the set will be labelled as ‘INT. Clinic’. As we know it, this set would be seen in Die Another Day somewhere in Cuba. It is here that Zao reportedly goes with Bond hot on his trail. While details are sketchy, Zao reportedly undergoes some form of operation.

    Which brings us to our next part of the main set…

    ‘INT. Clinic, Secret Room’. If reports of Zao’s operation are true then it is undoubtedly here that they’ll occur.

    Some very interesting news there, and it does shed some light on scenes we've previously heard about.

    If you'd like to discuss the news you can do so in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    And again a big thanks to Vanquish for sending in the details!