1. Second Leg Of Spanish Filming Cancelled

    By daniel on 2002-05-12

    'Jaime Bond', our source in Spain, has written in today to inform us that the second leg of the Spanish filming for Die Another Day has been cancelled. The news was announced by Kanzaman, the Spanish production team.

    The filming was to take place in Bollullos de la Mitación, a provine in Seville (as a matter of interest Seville will be seen as Naboo in the forthcoming Star Wars film) and being on May 13. Unlike previous filming in Spain Bollullos de la Mitación was not going to appear as Cuba but rather as North Korea.

    While details are sketchy at best Kanzaman did state that the filming was cancelled due to a cut in the budget, which is seemingly disturbing news. Is it a cut in the budget from the providers MGM or are Eon reassesing how they wish to spend the money? Either way the chances are the scenes will no be filmed somewhere in the United Kingdom.

    CommanderBond.Net had first announced the second filming leg in this article dated April 14.

    If you'd like to discuss this news you can do so in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    Thanks to 'Jaime Bond' for writing in with the details!