1. Connery Vows Never To Play Bond Villain…

    By David Winter on 2002-05-08

    Former-007; Sir Sean Connery has vowed never to play a "Bond Baddie". An unknown producer (it is not yet clear if this was Eon or someone else), has approached the Scottish Born actor, about the possibility of appearing in a Bond remake. However, this time the part was to be a villain, instead or returning to the role of superspy – James Bond.

    If the remake news is correct, then it would seem most likely that Kevin McClory (who owns some of the rights to "Thunderball"), is trying yet again at another remake. The unofficial Bond movie "Never Say Never Again", was a "Thunderball" remake.

    Current James Bond; Pierce Brosnan was offered the part of 007, before being cast in "GoldenEye", McClory wanted him to star in a Thunderball remake. Connery, also added to his statement that he thinks that Pierce Brosnan is doing the best job portraying 007, since he left the role.

    Whether or not this project is still going ahead seems uncertain, however you can be sure to check it out here first at