1. Pierce defends his licence to kill

    By David Winter on 2001-04-20

    It seems that Pierce Brosnan has become a tad upset about recent rumours of him hanging up his Walther P99. Frequent visitors to this site will know of rumours ‘insisting’ that Bond 20 will be Brosnan’s last and that Russel Crowe will take over. Well, to begin with, I’m not exactly sure where these rumours have come from. When speaking to EON Productions they told us that Brosnan does have an existing contract – and that’s all they would say. If that’s the official word then I’m not quite sure where news resources are getting their information that Brosnan is definetley leaving! Anyhow People News have posted this article on how upset Brosnan is getting about the news:

    Pierce Brosnan has fiercely stamped down on rumours that his current Bond film may be his last, rallying against the many pretenders to his crown. ‘He’s had enough,’ a friend tells PeopleNews. ‘When people were talking about Robbie Williams as the next James Bond, or even Catherine Zeta Jones as a female Bond, he found it amusing. Now that the likes of Russell Crowe and Colin Firth appear to be seriously being considered, he’s decided to speak out.’

    Brosnan has already told a Canadian newspaper that he would ‘certainly be up for coming back for a few more’, despite the fact that his Bond contract expires once he has finished filming his current movie, Beyond The Ice, the 20th Bond film.

    ‘Everyone expects a new Bond,’ says the friend, pointing out that even John Glen, the director of five Bond films, has been championing Crowe to take over the role once Brosnan’s contract expires. ‘Pierce doesn’t want to go anywhere,’ we are told. ‘He’s prepared to fight his corner if he has to.’

    Thanks again to Tim for the tip-off!