1. Exclusive: Photos From Filming At Manston Airport

    By daniel on 2002-05-08

    In a recent 'spy report' CommanderBond.Net exclusively revealed details on filming for Die Another Day that took place in Manston, Kent in the United Kingdom. And thanks to James Prince, Chris Russell and Mark Trinder from Wormfood Studios, Kent we're back today with exclusive images from the Manston set!

    Some of the pictures come with a commentry, which does contain some exclusive spoilers, so you'll have to highlight those to read them.

    This first image shows three North Korean officers heading in a jeep to the waiting Antonov plane.

    This first image shows three North Korean officers heading in a jeep to the waiting Antonov plane. Note that the officer in the back right of the jeep is turning to another person. This person is a member of the crew wearing a 'safety vest' labelled Eon. The vest was necssary for the crew as they were actually in airspace as they had passed through customs onto the runway.

    This second image shows a North Korean jeep at some distance.

    An actor in North Korean fatigues waits inbetween shots for other actors to join him. Also note the large light used for filming the sequences.

    Sadly this image turned out a tad blurry, however, it does show a concentration of vehicles around the Antonov.

    A better shot of the Antonov at some distance. This shot, less blurry then the first, shows several crates and a refueling tanker around the Antonov.

    This image takes some conentration. Eon Productions crew are visible in the image, however, pay particular attention to the main North Korean truck in the centre of the image. Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read) Notice the yellow Lambourgini Diablo in the image, and if you look carefully under the tyres of the North Korean truck you’ll note a very minor hint of the colour red. That’s the red Diablo that CommanderBond.Net has previously scored exclusive pictures of. Well our source ‘Little Dog’ tells us that both cars were driven into the back of the Antonov during the filming. Seems Bond won’t have the pleasure of destroying them during the pre-title seqeunce.

    While a similair image has already been featured, this image does show another vehicle with North Korean officers aboard.

    Also 'munjie' has provided us with this image in the Die Another Day forums of the Antanov from a distance.

    'munjie' took that picture on Thursday night, the final night of filming in Manston.

    'Plan Omega' also tells me that while at the airport during the day he noted that the Antonov was not only immaculately clean but its registration number also ended with 007 (something to look out for in the film!).

    If you'd like to discuss the filming in Manston please visit this thread in the Die Another Day Forums, the Internet's best place to discuss all things James Bond from the Internet's best James Bond site!

    Finally thanks to James Prince, Chris Russell, Mark Trinder, 'Plan Omega', 'munjie' and 'Little Dog' who have all made this report possible!