1. Two Bond Films On TV This Week

    By daniel on 2002-05-06

    Australia will have a good television week this week with two James Bond films airing on different networks.

    On Saturday night at 8:30pm Network Ten will show Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever". Their summary of the film; When sent to investigate a simple diamond smuggling operation, James Bond becomes swept up in a quest for revenge when the ring-leader turns out to be none other than Blofeld – the man responsible for killing Bond's wife. While pursued by two deadly assassins and wooed by a beautiful smuggler, Bond desperately tries to put an end to Blofeld and his plans – permanently.

    Sunday night the Bond film moves across to Network Seven when it airs "Tomorrow Never Dies". Their summary of the film; Pierce Brosnan stars as the legendary James Bond in this high tech, high-octane adventure in which media power is a lethal weapon. When global communications land in the wrong hands, it can literally manufacture the news and even change the course of history. Particularly for a man who controls a global daily newspaper and satellite system, able to access every television set on earth. Using a clever device, billionaire media magnate Elliot Carver leads a British Naval vessel astray and sinks it from the dark confines of his custom-built stealth ship as Chinese MIG jets circle overhead. With worldwide rights to the crisis, Carver will become the ultimate media overlord for the new millennium. But nobody knows who is doing this or understands why. And there is only one man capable of finding it and stopping a war created in the name of profit and power … the name is Bond, James Bond.

    Recently Network Nine showed the original Star Wars trilogy, including some special footage from the forthcoming film. Let's hope that later in the year either Network Seven or Ten can give a great lead up to the release Die Another Day in Australia on December 12.