1. Spy Report: Exclusive Pictures From Korean Base Set

    By daniel on 2002-05-05

    Thanks to our source 'Oswald' CommanderBond.Net can exclusively bring you these pictures from Pinewood Studio's. And they're fantastic!

    The pictures, which were taken during filming of the pre-title sequence in January, have many hidden objects in them and also some great details. Look closely at the images and you'll spot various cast and crew. I'm yet to spot Pierce Brosnan, however, I've noted others such as Lee Tamahori.

    So here are the images, with some commentry;

    This first image shows a helicopter, a hovercraft and several Korean military vehicles. Notice in the background is the entrance to Colonel Moon's base and further behind that is the famous 007 Stage.

    To the right of this photo is part of the helicopter also featured in the above image. Aside from the obvious fuel truck also featured are several missiles (you can see the back of them in the bottom right of the photo). Also if you look on the far left there is a pill-box with a radar dish on top, and several Korean soldiers in the pill-box.

    An extended view of the above image. You can now see a full view of the missiles, a full tank and several soldiers. The white striped object in the bottom centre of the image is actually a lamp/light used by the crew during filming.

    Another view of the entrance and more munitions and tanks. The security camera that can be seen is actually a Pinewood Studio's security camera, and not part of the set, I believe.

    A further view of the whole set, this time to the right. In the background on the left is one corner of The 007 Stage. You'll note this image is full of Korean soldiers, vehicles and also several sports cars. Note that the Jaguar XKR is amongst them. Also present is a yellow sports car, a Diablo perhaps? Anyway, this is the sports car that CommanderBond.Net reported was recently used for filming in Norfolk.

    A closer view of the cars from a distance.

    Easily one of the best photos, this one shows the sports cars up close, several Korean soliders, crew members and some munitions.

    That's all of the images for today from 'Oswald'. A big thank you to him for sending them in!

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