1. Brosnan Moves For More Control Over Bond

    By David Winter on 2001-04-19

    It seems that actor Pierce Brosnan may be moving to take more control over the Bond series – atleast that’s what a report on IGN insinuates today.

    Brosnan, whose contract with MGM runs out after Bond 20, has been pushing to have more creative control over the franchise. He says, “I’m on record that I want this next Bond film to be the most surprising, realistic and edgy of any I’ve done. If this one works out the way I hope it does, I’d certainly be up to coming back for a few more.”

    Well that quote I love. What’s Brosnan got in store for us? More importantly what has he read in the script that he thinks he can manipulate so well? Looks like we may find something interestingly ’emotional’ (typical Brosnan style) in Bond 20. Perhaps a reference to Bond’s wife?

    Please discuss this one in the Bond 20 Forums.

    Brosnan also commented on the Whitney Houston rumours about her screen testing saying “It’s news to me.” IGN indicates that she “probably won’t” be taking a screen test.

    Brosnan’s comments aside the article on IGN mentions the fact that Colin Wells might replace Brosnan and they also throw in another name, Gerard Butler (Dracula 2000, TNT’s Attila). Fairly mundane stuff.

    A big thanks to Level007 for sending in the news!!