1. MTV To Host James Bond Part At Cannes

    By daniel on 2002-05-02

    Ananova has reported that MTV will host a special James Bond 40th anniversary party at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Recently reported on the possibility of a teaser poster and trailer being revealed at Cannes.

    The event will take place on May 18 at Le Palais Bulles on the Cote d'Azur, France.

    According to Ananova On display will be the Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XKR and Range Rover cars from the current 007 film Die Another Day. It seems strange to have Range Rovers in Die Another Day. Rover is owned by BMW, hence the vehicles appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies. We'll see!

    Organisers are planning to offer guests vodka martinis – shaken, not stirred – and the chance to gamble in a special Bond-style casino.

    The MTV Cannes Movie Special will premiere on MTV UK on Friday May 31 at 7pm.

    The Cannes Film Festival begins on May 15.

    If anyone can send in details of the MTV special or they are going to Cannes and can send in details please contact me.


    Rob has written in to let me know I got something wrong. Range Rover is no longer owned by BMW, but it was during the production of Tomorrow Never Dies as it was sold about 18 months ago. BMW sold Land Rover to Ford before selling Rover to private investors, which became MG Rover. So Land Rover, which manufactures the Range Rover model, is NOT a part of the new Rover company called MG Rover.

    Hence, Land Drover (which is owned the Premier Automotive Group company, which is owned by Ford, and owns Aston Martin and Jaguar) will feature their vehicle, the Range Rover, in Die Another Day.

    Confused? Hope not!