1. Spy Report: Details On That Photo And London Filming

    By daniel on 2002-05-02

    Recently a photo was published with James Bond in a group of photographers. Well only CommanderBond.Net has the full details thanks to our source 'Bond VS. Bond'.

    Spoiler Warning (Highlight To Read)

    I can’t reveal full details on the scene, however, I’d like to question parts of the information we’ve been told.

    According to the French James Bond Club, who I will state have often proved to be a reputable source, James Bond is hiding himself in a crowd of photographers standing in front of the Buckingham Palace, to identify a pretender in the royal family. However, I’ve heard suggestions that Bond is actually watching a Press Conference. And who is in the Press Conference? None other than Gustav Graves.

    And it seems the press conference isn’t actually inside the grounds of Buckingham Palace, however, the palace serves as a background scene.

    The press conference has already been filmed at Pinewood Studio’s.

    Now we have some exclusive news on the parachute sequence. Contrary to popular belief it won’t be James Bond who touches down in a Union Jack Parachute, but rather Gustav Graves. Graves will be wearing a tuxedo, hence, the misconception that it would be James Bond.

    So to recapp the scenes. Graves touches down in a Union Jack parachute, holds a press conference attended by Bond. Now furthermore, in the photo you’ll note that Bond is wearing the same clothes as he does when he visits the MI-6 section in The Underground. Which makes me believe that this scene will follow next, afterall the entrance to The Underground is nearby.

    Some great details in there, that clears up a lot of confusion that has been rife in the past few weeks.

    There are more details on this scene, but we'll reveal those when the time comes.

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